Our Quality - Your Success



To supply economical solutions


Metal Treatment, Engineering, Aerospace, Electronics


Cost Reductions, Quality Improvements, Increased Productivity

Our Quality - Your Success

Masking & Powder Supplies Limited was created to ‘supply economical solutions’ for masking applications within the metal treatment, engineering, aerospace and electronics industries.

Our aim is to supply our clients with the best masking solution at the keenest price whilst supplying the highest quality material.

The company is led by David Gregory, who has been in the industry for over 25 years in process and plant development, production, purchasing and sales. He has worked in the majority of treatments including Electropainting, Electroplating and Powder Coating.

Whilst consulting for one of the UK’s most successful electropainters, David was co-opted by two major masking product manufacturers. Calling on his experience, he gained success with several clients, the RLC Group, main suppliers to Martin Baker Group being one, by reducing their masking costs, and improving their quality and productivity.

By working with our clients we aim to achieve

  • Cost reductions
  • Quality improvements
  • Increased productivity

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Masking & Powder Supplies Ltd is pleased to announce the arrival of it's new website. Keep checking back for regular updates.